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What's in store

The society's winter exhibition in the run-up to Christmas will again be at Ottersburn Gallery in Dumfries, from November 22 to December 14.

Full details can be downloaded from the Programme page, where you can also discover the society's autumn/winter programme of demonstrations and workshops.

The details are also published in the autumn edition of the society's magazine, which should now be with, or on its way to, paid-up members.

The season's programme begins on Friday September 27 with a presentation at Gracefield, Dumfries, by Joanna Shennan on environmental art. The first workshop will be on October 5 (a Saturday rather than our more usual Friday fixture).


Eighteen works were sold at this year's annual show at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries. Members had submitted 197 items, of which 183 were selected for display.

Visitors to the exhibition, from July 6 to August 3, praised the quality of the exhibits - and voted Dennis McCallum's A Chip Off the Old Block (above) their favourite work. Evelyn Gray's Purple Vase was second favourite.

Be prepared...

The annual subscription will rise to £20 from the new year. So this is a reminder to amend your standing order with your bank (you can download a form from the Membership page; send it via the membership secretary - see the Contacts page - or let her know that you have amended your payment).


Let the secretary know if you change your postal or email address



The date of Bea Last's workshop at Kirkcudbright is Friday February 7, not February 5 as stated in the magazine. An amended version of the details can be downloaded from the Programme page