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Sheena McCurrach - Bright Day, Wardlaw - oil 60x50cm Sheena McCurrach - Pollards by the Water - oil 70x50cm Heather Davies RSW - Fractured - watercolour Heather Davies RSW - Alignment 2 - watercolour Heather Davies RSW - Red Rocks - watercolour Anne Laird - Bluebell Woods - watercolour/ink - 42x30cm Anne Laird - Marigolds - mixed media - 20x30cm Anne Laird - Sunflowers - mixed media - 55x84cm Bella Green - Caught in the Act - oil on canvas - 60x60cm Bella Green - Bright Day in Summer - oil on canvas -  39x45cm Bella Green - Two Little Vases - oil on canvas - 50x50cm Catherine Corfield - Beauty in the Bleak - oil on canvas - 51x61cm Catherine Corfield - The Otter Pool - oil on canvas - 51x61cm Catherine Corfield - Frozen Puddles - oil on board - 29.7x21cm Lady Jane Parker-Clark SBA - The Dandelion - coloured pencil - 33x26cm Lady Jane Parker-Clark SBA - Rhododendron - graphite - 50x50cm Lady Jane Parker-Clark SBA - The White Crow - graphite - 40x40cm Kate Bentley - Submerged in Thought No 2 - Oil and screenprint on panel - image 60x85cm, frame 71x97cm Kate Bentley - Two Worlds - oil and mixed media - image 60x85cm, frame 71x97cm" Kate Bentley - Collaboration, Ruskin vs Turner - oil and print on panel - image 100x70cm, frame 110x80cm" Dennis McCallum - Barn Owl - mixed media - 20x30cm" Dennis McCallum - The Paddy Runs Again - mixed media - 30x20cm Dennis McCallum - Wren and Small Copper - mixed media - 30x22cm Liz Gilbey - Evening Light - oil on board - 25x35cm Liz Gilbey - Feather and Mirror - oil on board - 25x35cm Liz Gilbey - In the Walled Garden - oil on board - 25x35cm William Neal - Parked Bike - iPad Pro and Apple Pencil - print 14x14in William Neal - The Last Abstract - iPad Pro and Apple Pencil William Neal - Gentle Giants - iPad Pro and Apple Pencil Alan Bowman - Angle Tarn Ullswater - watercolour Alan Bowman - Solway nr Mersehead - watercolour" Alan Bowman - Woodpecker - watercolour Nicholas Spencer - Copper Lemon Apple 2 - oil on panel - l 4.5x4.5in Nicholas Spencer - Self Portrait - oil on panel -  11.5x9in Nicholas Spencer - Imagined Elizabethan Swordsman - ink sketch - 4x4in Tricia Barna - A Place To Be - acrylic on gesso board 40x40cm Tricia Barna - Sunshine on Benholm - acrylic on canvas 90x90cm Tricia Barna - Life In Between - acrylic on gesso board 40x40cm Gary Craig - Portrait of Sarah - oil 76x160cm Gary Craig - Portrait of Sarah - oil 76x160cm Grant Fitzhenry - Oceans Beach - oil on wooden panel 8x10 Grant Fitzhenry - Sunrise at Rockcliffe - oils on canvas 70x100cm Grant Fitzhenry - Sandhead Beach - Acrylics on board 61x46cm Joshua Miles - Blackthorn Blossom - reduction linocut 56x38cm Joshua Miles - Kirkcudbright Reflections - reduction linocut 38x28cm Joshua Miles - Morning Layers - reduction linocut - 56x38cm Alexander  Robb - Still Life With Red Teapot - oil Alexander Robb - Shining Sea - oil Alexander Robb - Winter Shadows - oil Catherine Coulson - Sphagnum and Sundew, Kirkconnell Flo2 -  Gouache on watercolour paper 30x40cm Catherine Coulson - Into the Trees, Kirkconnell Flow - Gouache on watercolour paper. 30x40cm Catherine Coulson - Kirkconnell Flow -  Oil on board. 51x61cm dreamweaver lightbox galleryby VisualLightBox.com v6.1

Getting seen

Welcome to our members' showcase gallery. Members may submit up to three images - email them in jpeg format to stating title, medium, and size - and the address of your own website, if you have one.


Artists on show:

Anne Laird

Bella Green

Catherine Corfield

Lady Jane Parker-Clark

Kate Bentley

Dennis McCallum

Liz Gilbey

William Neal

Alan Bowman

Nicholas Spencer

Tricia Barna

Gary Craig

Grant Fitzhenry

Joshua Miles

Alexander Robb

Catherine Coulson

Heather Davies RSW

Sheena McCurrach

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