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Annual show No.94

Members may enter up to four works in our first gallery exhibition since 2019, which will be held at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, from July 3 to August 7.

This will be the society's 94th annual show, counting last year's event, which was online only because of the coronavirus pandemic.

About 50 artists had notified Kathleen Woods of their intention to enter, by the deadline of May 10. Space may be limited so works this time should be no larger than 120x120cm - if all your work is large, submit fewer entries.

There will be no selection process, and hand-in, between June 1 and 18, will have to be at pre-booked times at Gallery 1 (the old building).

Categories for entries are as usual except that digital art prints will be allowed - see below for a definition.


For full details, see the schedule - click on the link opposite. You can also download and print the required labels. Where the entry form is concerned, you can ignore the references to selection and self-addressing with stamp. Please let the exhibition co-ordinator know in advance what you are entering, perhaps by emailing a copy of the form.

Harbour Cottage Gallery at Kirkcudbright has been booked for November 1 to 13 for the society's winter exhibition.

Digital art

Some digital art was allowed in our online annual exhibition in 2020 and digital prints may be shown this time - but what exactly is a digital art print? The prestigious Royal Society of Painter-Printmakers have embraced digital art alongside traditional forms of printmaking, and this is how they define it: "A digital print is any print produced on a computer. An artist’s digital print is not a reproduction but a limited edition work of art that does not exist in any other form. Artists create the image using computer software or, more often, they scan in a drawing, photograph, painting or traditionally generated print, then manipulate the image on computer screen to create an entirely new image which is then printed using a computer printer of some sort. Prints initially created digitally can also be printed as etchings, lithographs, screenprints etc using photographic processes."



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