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Getting seen

You can add your work to the gallery. Members may submit two images - email them in jpeg format to stating title and medium, and the address of your own website, if you have one.


Artists on show

Alan Brockbank
John Clark
Neil Cockayne

Martine Berlemont
Martin Burnett
Lynda Burns
Jenny Finch
Irene Gall
Jane B Gibson
Tas Gibson

Tom Goff
Isabelle Gow
Leona Hart
Lisa Hooper
Sirei Hovell
Yvonne Hutchinson
Ian Irving
Natasha Kimstatsch
Angela Lawrence
Dennis McCallum
Sheena McCurrach
Margaret S Milligan
Sheelagh Nash
William Neal
Melanie Peacham
Carol Reece
Fiona Robertson
Ed Slater
Alayne Smith
Carol Whiting
Robert Wells


Clicking on an artist's name will take you to the links page, if he or she has an individual website. To contact other artists featured here, email Website editor who will forward your message.

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