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Examples of the work of the artists who will be giving demonstrations and leading workshops this autumn and winter are shown in this sequence. Follow the link on the right for full details. (Demonstrations run from 11am to 12.15 approximately; workshops from 10am to 4pm, all at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries).


Hope London initially trained as an artist, completing an MFA in painting and drawing before taking a law degree specialising in intellectual property law. Since then, she has worked as a consultant and manager of creative businesses and arts organisations in the USA and UK while practising her own art.


Elizabeth Gilbey trained in classical painting and drawing techniques, taught in the traditional atelier method, at the London Fine Art Studios. She works mainly in oils, but also watercolours, pastels and pen and ink. Her subjects include still life, landscape, animals and people.


Katharine Wheeler describes herself as "a visual artist with a practice that spans from studio-based painting and drawing to public and socially-engaged work and collaboration. This with a strongly observational based practice, a love of the human figure and a growing interest in the value of creativity in societal change."


William Spurway is a painter and printmaker of Scottish landscapes focusing on the forests, lochs and skies of Dumfries and Galloway. "I paint in oils both figuratively and with leanings towards semi-abstraction. In my printmaking, I explore form and texture using drypoint and carborundum processes."


Philippa Sinclair says she paints using watercolour "as my style is to produce fluid and expressive paintings concentrating on the essence of the image. Colour is the key inspiration for my work and choice of subject be it sea, land or cityscape. I am also exploring painting on fabric."



April 1-April 13.
Spring show at Harbour Cottage Gallery, Kirkcudbright. Handing-in March 31


July 6-August 3. 92nd summer exhibition at Gracefield, Dumfries



The autumn/winter programme of demonstrations and workshops is under way. Download the details here




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