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Summer workshops

  A slideshow of pictures from the society's summer season of workshops.


  • Davy Brown - The Sense of Place
  • Davy Brown - out sketching
  • Davy Brown - studio work
  • Clare Melinsky - linocut printmaking
  • Clare Melinsky - cutting blocks
  • Clare Melinsky - inking up
  • Victor Henderson - Towards Abstraction
  • Victor Henderson - raw material
  • Victor Henderson - a result
  • Gwen Adair - Still Life
  • Gwen Adair- capturing the image
  • Gwen Adair - composing

The Sense of Place (May 19) Davy Brown's art is represented in public and private collections throughout the UK (and has been acquired by a number of well-known figures). A former principal teacher of art at the Douglas-Ewart High School in Newton Stewart, he has had numerous solo exhibitions. Davy believes in actually being in the landscape you wish to paint, so he took workshop participants out for some preliminary sketching.

Linocut Printmaking (June 30) Clare Melinsky's linocuts in colour and black and white follow the style of traditional woodcuts. Over the last 30 years her illustrations have been used in advertising, for labels and packaging, and in editorial work for books (including the Harry Potter series), magazines and newspapers. Workshop participants used Easy Cut lino, easier to use than the traditional material.

Toward Abstraction (July 7) Victor Henderson employs bold and unconventional methods to achieve his lively watercolours and workshop participants were encouraged to use a number of techniques to achieve a "freeing process" to move their work forward.

Still Life Painting (July 14) Gwen Adair studied at Glasgow School of Art and has been art and design teacher at Dumfries Academy since 1993. She likes to work 'alla prima' and mark making and colour are important elements. Style, composition, materials and influences were discussed during the workshop.



July 15-August 19

90th annual exhibition at Gracefield, Dumfries.






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