The coronavirus pandemic has led to the cancellation of the society's 93rd annual exhibition which was to be held at Gracefield Arts Centre, Dumfries, from July 4 to August 8. But as with our spring show, which has now ended, we are putting the exhibition online instead, from July 1.

Members are invited to show up to three images, which should be emailed to the website editor, by June 27, stating title, medium, dimensions, and a price if the work is for sale. (Enquiries from potential purchasers will be forwarded to the artists concerned).

The categories are, as usual, paintings, drawings, fine art prints, sculpture, and crafts. But for this exhibition only we are also admitting digital art - for example, work produced with a painting or drawing app on a PC, iPad, Kindle or other tablet.

There will be no selection, but works shown in previous DAGFAS exhibitions are not admissible (however, work shown here may be submitted for a "real" exhibition in future). We are not charging an entry fee or commission.

A few hints, if you are not used to photographing your pictures:

Beware of reflections - if possible, avoid taking pictures through glass.

Make sure you take the photograph from square-on to the picture and not at an angle to it.

Try to ensure the picture is evenly lit.

(If the work is framed you can include the frame in the photo or not, as you wish).

We look forward to receiving your entries!

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